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Digital printer-the working environment and temperature of it should be suitable

When it comes to the high-definition climate environment in summer, users of digital printers should pay attention to the use and maintenance of photo machines in hot and hot summers, and give photo machines a cool summer and a high-quality working environment.

The high temperature and hot environment is a test for the use of digital printing machines. The high temperature environment not only affects the normal use of photo machines. It will have a certain impact on the electronic board accessories, inkjet printing operations, related printing media, and image colors of the photo machine. Especially under the long-term uninterrupted printing work condition of the photo machine, the excessively high temperature is likely to cause the control board of the photo machine to become hot, which affects the printing performance. For example, the high-precision data chip on the motherboard is likely to cause the impact of data transmission, the printing speed becomes slow, and even other serious chips and electronic components, circuit damage, and so on.

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Therefore, in the hot summer, it is necessary to provide a high-quality, clean and cool working environment for photo machines.

1. Maintain the ventilation of the working space environment of the printer

The ventilation of the working space of the wide format digital printer is directly related to the temperature of the space. In a poorly ventilated working space, the heat emitted by the machine during work and the accumulation of room temperature can easily cause the overall room temperature to be too high. The temperature is relatively high. If the indoor environment of the photo machine is not well ventilated and the temperature cannot be dissipated, the machine will be easily affected by the temperature and related failures will affect the normal printing of the photo machine. At the same time, the ink printed on the photo machine is easy to produce a strong ink odor in an unventilated working environment and high temperature indoor space, and it is easy for operators to feel uncomfortable.

2. If conditions permit, install relevant cooling and ventilation equipment in the working space environment of the photo machine.

If the working environment of the inkjet printer  is prone to temperature accumulation and the indoor space is not well ventilated, you can install related ventilation or cooling equipment in the indoor space. For example, exhaust fans, fans, or air-conditioning equipment, etc., use the exhaust equipment to send air to the space, keep the air flow smooth and exchange indoor and outdoor air, to achieve the effect of heat dissipation and cooling, while maintaining a suitable indoor camera working temperature, Stay in top working condition.

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Nowadays, the application of domestic photo machines is very common, and it can be seen almost everywhere. Do a good job of daily use and maintenance of photo machines. Photo machines will bring you better profitability. A cool working environment is necessary.