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Why Sublimation Printing Is Popular Among More People ?

Dye sublimation with dye sublimation ink and sublimation transfer paper has wide application,including,for textile ,apparel,mug,blanks,etc,which received by many people.The crucial thing for making dye-sub work is polyester, due to its ability to absorb dye. For textile applications there are a huge range of polyester-based fabrics and for product decoration there are ‘blanks’ with a polyester coating to accept the ink.

sublimation transfer  paper

Textile and direct to object printing are the major application of dye sub printing. The fabric market is mostly direct disperse (that is printing direct to the textile then fixing in a heat press), whereas for objects the route is print to paper and then transfer the image to the item in the heat press. However it’s not quite that cut and dried in practice, and there is a degree of flexibility within the technology. Fundamentally the hardware can be the same for both direct and transfer – some printers can handle both paper and fabric. Likewise, heat presses can be used for both transfer and fixation.

sublimation printing


The charming of dye-sub printing is the breadth of the applications from mugs and smartphone covers, through signage to work wear, sportswear and fashion. One minute you could be printing mugs and the next placement print onto t-shirts followed by a display graphic, a marquee or a gazebo. Think of the requirements of just one customer. For example a rugby club’s personalised shirts for the players, banners for the field, a gazebo, branded mugs and the bar runners in the club house.