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Do You Know Dye Sulimation Printing Is Suitable for Which Fabric?

Dye sublimation printing technology becoms more and more popular due to its obvious advantages over traditional screen printing and other technologies. Many new to the industry are asking what kind of fabric should use sublimation transfer printing. In general, sublimation can be transferred to the following materials.

dye sublimation printing ink

Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabrics is suitable for doing sublimation printing.The disperse dye is easy to sublimate at high temperature on polyester, so it is one of the most suitable materials for digital sublimation printing. Mainly used in the production of cycling clothing, sportswear and other clothing printing.

Cotton Fabric

In general, cotton content more than 70% of the fabric is not suitable for sublimation printing, transfer rate is not high. This kind of cotton or pure cotton fabric is usually dyed with reactive dyes, which is not easy to sublimate, except for the second dyeing, or cotton fabric pretreatment, coated with pretreatment liquid for heat transfer printing.

dye sublimation printing ink

Nylon Fabric

Nylon fabric is usually dyed with acid ink,mainly for mountaineering suits,down jackets,swimsuits.

Leather Fabric

Finally, leather fabric,mainly covers PVC, PU,used for luggage. General leather fabrics are not using sublimation.

To sum up, sublimation fabrics are mainly polyester, polyester and cotton blended fabrics (with cotton content no more than 30%), sportswear, silk scarves, chiffon, banner, etc. In addition, it can also be used in mugs, plates, metal and other materials, but need to be pretreated, surface coating, so as to do sublimation transfer printing.