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How does the quality of sublimation printing ink affect the work of printer?

Part of the reason for the quality of the photo machine's drawing quality is the quality of sublimation printing ink. Good ink can not only make the inkjet picture more beautiful, but also more conducive to our maintenance of the photo machine and extend the life of the photo machine.

So how to choose what kind of sublimation transfer ink is good? In fact, this is not difficult, as long as you know the following points, you will know more about the purchase of ink.

Sublimation printing ink

The following is an analysis of the writing inks, which may be useful for you when buying inks in the future.

1. The drying speed of the sublimation ink when printing images is very important. If the drying speed is very slow when printing, it will greatly affect the shrinkage speed of the drawing when the photo machine is running. This not only affects work efficiency, but also affects the quality of inkjet printing.

2. The viscosity of the digital sublimation ink. The viscosity of the photo machine is an important factor that affects the normal operation of the photo machine. For example, the viscosity of some inks is too high, which sometimes makes the ink jet suddenly interrupt the supply of ink during the printing process, and vice versa. Situation The ink viscosity of the photo machine is too small, which will cause the ink jet of the photo machine to bleed. Both of these conditions will affect the quality of photo printer printing.

3. The salinity and the proportion of raw materials in the ink of the photo machine are too high. The salinity is the main culprit of the nozzle clogging, and it is also the important reason that affects the sharpness of the image. Excessive salinity in the raw materials will cause the ink to generate a large amount of alkali during the high temperature process, and most of the alkali will cause the nozzle holes to be blocked.

Sublimation ink

Everyone must have a correct understanding of the water-based sublimation ink of the photo machine. The quality of the ink of the photo machine really affects the quality of inkjet printing. In order to be handy in the photo machine at work, we must pay attention to the purchase of ink.