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Wide Format Sublimation Printer-How to Choose the Number of Print Head?

Do you know how to select the print head number of wide format sublimation printer? Printer manufacturers will equip printers with different models and numbers of printheads according to customer needs. So what does the quantity of printhead depends on? Mainly for the following reasons:

Roland wide format sublimation printer

The technical level of the manufacturer

This has a very big impact, some sublimation inkjet printer manufacturers can do six color equipment, some can do eight color, some can do nine color. When choosing a printer, we must be aware of the situation in advance, to avoid that if we purchase  a four-color printer, there is no way to upgrade in the future if we want.

Process requirements

Process requirements mainly refer to whether the digital sublimation printer printing patterns need special effects: whether the need for faster printing mode and so on. According to the specific process requirements to choose muti-color print heads.

Mutoh wide format sublimation printer

Characteristics of print head

Different print head characteristics are different, some print heads a head can be out of eight colors (Epson fifth generation sprinkler head), some print heads a head out of one color (GS508 print head), some print head a head out of two colors (Ricoh 5 print head). Then according to the standard 4 colors, 1 epson nozzle is enough,or 4 GS508 nozzles and 2 Ricoh 5 nozzles.

These factors above are directly affecting the number of large format sublimation printer nozzle.Of course, when we choose, the equipment must meet their own budget, material printing speed, print quality requirements, and the corresponding cost of consumables, after-sales maintenance costs and other factors.