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What Factors Affect High Speed Sublimation Printer Printing Speed?

High precision sublimation printer is widely used in textile industry. Many of the patterns printed on carpets, flag cloth, sportswear and other materials that use sublimation printing technology. But we still have some problems with the sublimation printer. One of the most common problems is printer speed slows down.

There are many reasons for digital sublimation printer printing speed slowing down, it will affect the user's operating costs and profits. In order to make customers achieve the highest profit, we should not only avoid equipment failure, but also pay attention to the usual maintenance and cost control.

Sublimation transfer printer printing speed slow is mainly reflected in the printing ink car moving back and forth with a pause, resulting in slow printing speed.

high precision sublimation printer

First, let's analyze the reasons for this situation:

1.RIP is too slow, leading to insufficient data transmission.

2.The transmission speed of the computer is slow.

3.Set printing too few times, and the match with RIP is not equal.

All of these factors can cause slow printing. Because the number of printouts per line significantly affects the data transfer requirements, the fewer printouts, the more data is required.

high precision sublimation printer

Corresponding solutions:

1.Improve RIP speed, can improve the computer processor, optimize the overall PPC matching performance.

2.Close other unnecessary programs and only run RIP into raster image files.

3.Careful reading RIP instructions, such as Settings (image mode, mirroring/unmirroring, mask/unmask, rotation, etc.) can affect print speed and quality

4.Change the number of times to "5".

Above are factors affect sublimationl printer printing speed and the corresponding solutions.If you encounter this kind of problem in the future, you can try to use the above method to solve it.