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Wide format inkjet printing machine-how to measure whether it has advantages

The market for wide format inkjet printing machine heads is growing, and both printer manufacturers and inkjet printers are delighted. Manufacturers of photo printer nozzles also began to shift from equipment to services in order to win the favor of more users and occupy a larger market. So for novice friends, how to measure the pros and cons of a photo machine? I think we should mainly consider from the stability and speed of the machine, what difference can stability and speed bring to customers? What about the advantages?

Wide format inkjet printing machine

1. Stability: As long as it is stable, low cost can be achieved, and lower profits can achieve higher profits. 

(1). Stability brought by the ink ejection principle of the digital inkjet printer print head; Because the piezoelectric print head adopts the scientific normal temperature ink discharge method, such an ink discharge method will not damage the print head and ensure the long life of the print head. The theoretical data is about 35,000 square meters, so the printer nozzle loss per square meter of the printer using piezoelectric nozzles is about 0.1 yuan, which is much lower than the thermal nozzle of 0.3-0.5 yuan per square meter. 

(2). The stability of the continuous long picture of the print head; because of the way of the ink discharge of the print head, the long picture will not be disconnected during the actual printing process, which can meet the roll-to-roll printing requirements. The continuous long image stability brings the improvement of the yield, so as to reduce the cost.

(3).The stability of the whole digital printing machine system; stable control system, reasonable secondary ink cartridge ink supply system, coordinated release and collection system can achieve roll-to-roll printing requirements. In the work process, it can be achieved that a single person can operate 2-3 photo machines, thereby reducing the employment cost of customers (currently, the cost of labor costs in enterprise operations is getting higher and higher).

Inkjet printer

2. Speed = cost reduction = guarantee of development

(1). Speed = reduce costs. Now the labor cost of the society is increasing, and the cost of water and electricity is increasing. If the speed of the invested machine is double that of ordinary machines, it means the same workload. However, we can save half of the wages of employees and half of the consumption of water and electricity, reduce the cost of customers, and it is also an objective profit. For example, Nanjing Feiyue's domestic high-performance printers have stable performance, surpassing traditional weak solvent-type photo machines, and are more versatile in printing. They can be compatible with more print media, and can be said to be satisfied with any paper-type roll media print output. The sublimation ink is more durable and richer in the three-dimensional image. At the same time, for users and businesses, it can be applied to different manufacturing fields.

(2). Speed = guarantee of business. Assume that the customer has a processing business of 2,000 square meters per month, but the key is that he does not give you an average of 60 square meters per day. There may be no orders for 4 or 5 days. It may give you 600 square meters. Requires you to deliver in three days, even faster.At this time, you ca n’t do it without fast processing capacity, so the business may be lost, so having fast processing capacity is the guarantee of the business. At the same time, you can have faster processing capacity in the same time, which means that you can earn more profits and allow customers to have better development.