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Why Are the Sublimation Fabric Printer Prices of the Same Size Different?

In recent years, domestic manufacturers of sublimation fabric printer become more and more, followed by more and more competition. Face so big competition,there is vicious competition in the market, the price presses very low. But remember a timeless truth: "you get what you pay for." 

Many customer friends in the consultation sublimation printer, often ask why other people's sublimation printer is much cheaper. What are the main reasons for this price difference?

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1.Different Print Head

We know that print head is one of the most core accessories of digital sublimation printer, different brands of nozzle prices are also different. Each manufacturer's positioning is different, the choice of nozzle is also different. Of course, the quality, printing effect, printing speed and life of print head are different depend on price.

2.Different Accessories

Core of sublimation textile printer configuration has the card, screw, guide rail, platform, drag chain, motor, led lamp, frame and other parts. Each part can differ between the price of one or two times, use the accessories price is more expensive, the better the quality, the longer its longevity, stability,the less subsequent problems in it.

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3.Different After-sales Service

The main performance in two aspects: one is the free door-to-door maintenance, the price of expensive printer manufacturers generally provide a year of warranty, free door-to-door service, technical personnel travel costs borne by the manufacturers themselves.

Another aspect is the software upgrade service. The  expensive manufacturer provides software lifelong free upgrade, The cheap one on the one hand can be encrypted in the software system, need the user to pay the cost of decryption regularly, in addition every time upgrade also need to pay the cost.