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How to set up digital inkjet printer image with different printing software?

There are many reasons for the digital inkjet printer to print color cast. From the image scanning to the screen display to the printing, there may be color transition and attenuation surface to cause color cast. Due to various device process coloring principles, different color deviations can be avoided. Introduce two methods for everyone to share when printing:

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1. If you use Montevideo to print

First prepare a high-end computer monitor that can adjust the R, G, and B values to complete the following operations:

(1). Choose a good color picture to be printed by a large format digital printer  (preferably the example provided in the software) and print it out using RIP.

(2). Compare the printed version with the image displayed on the screen. If it is inconsistent, adjust the R, G, and B values of the display to the same color.

(3). If you use PHOTOSHOP for image processing, open this image in PHOTOSHOP at the same time. If the image displayed in PHOTOSHOP is inconsistent with the montage, adjust the screen color of the image display until the same color as the image displayed in Montaigne. After three steps, you can basically guarantee the same content displayed on the screen.  

2. If you use the design software such as PHOTOSHOP to directly output        

Make a sample for color output. Note the following:

(1). It is best to use one ink and a more familiar medium, because the color standards of each brand of ink are different, and the colors of the pictures formed are different.

(2). The difference in production process of each medium is particularly prominent, and the amount of ink absorption, coloration, and ink distribution of the coating are also different, and the color of the picture is greatly different.

(3). Select the same monitor to print, because each RGB setting is different, the output effect is different.

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(4). In the image format, it is best to set RGB for printing, and the deviation is relatively small. Because the setting in the image is the CMYK mode for printing, it does not belong to the same category as the CMYK set in the inkjet. Even if the CMYK format set in the image is printed, it is converted into RGB mode and converted into RGB mode for printing.

(5). Note in the inkjet printing machine driver: If the color setting has: "saturated color, matching screen, etc.", the matching screen should be selected; the deviation is relatively small.