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How to Save Dye Sublimation Ink When We Are Printing?

Dye sublimation ink is a necessary consumables when we do sublimation printing, However, the price of ink, although the unit price is not very expensive, if frequent replacement that is not a small cost, the following I will teach you some good ways to save ink, can effectively reduce the use of ink in daily printing cost.

dye sublimation ink

1. Choose Good Quality Ink

Refill ink to the printer cartridge, the key is to choose compatible sublimation ink. Generally do not try using non-original cartridge, because the vast majority of cartridge equipped with sponge, non-original cartridge sponge dissolved more, the stainless steel filter of the ink outlet can not meet the using requirements, extremely easy to cause nozzle clogging. Therefore, using the original cartridge to add compatible digital sublimationink is a more reasonable solution. For ink, select a good performance of ink, do not exchange easily, pay attention to do not covet cheap and buy fake ink.

dye sublimation ink

2.Do Not Replace Cartridge Immediately

Inkjet printers detect the ink volume in cartridge through an sensor. As long as the sensor detects that the ink volume of one color is less than the value set inside the printer, it will prompt to remind to replace the ink cartridge. At this point, you can remove the cartridge and reset the internal sensor of the printer, so as to determine the installation of a new cartridge.

3.Reduce Cleaning Times

Do not easily inspect, calibrate, or clean the nozzle. General inkjet printers are equipped with software tools for nozzle inspection, calibration and cleaning. Inspection and calibration require printing, of course, using ink; Cleaning the nozzle requires more digital sublimation ink, resulting in waste. So only if there is a problem with the quality of printing do we do nozzle inspection, calibration or cleaning.