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The output quality of photo printer image is related to itself and print settings

Many users of high-precision photo printers have reported that the newly installed nozzles are not easy to use, and there are many problems such as not discharging ink. Moreover, even if several nozzles are changed continuously, the effect is not satisfactory. In fact, these reasons are not the quality problems of the nozzle itself. To the following, there are some things that should be noted in the newly installed nozzles. I hope I can help you.

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1. When installing a high-precision inkjet printing machine nozzle, the air hole seal must be removed according to the instructions, but do not remove any other seals, otherwise the ink will leak.

2. When installing a new high-precision photo machine nozzle, it is common to clean the print head 3-5 times.

3. When any high-precision photo machine nozzle has no ink or is not installed, the high-precision photo machine will not work even if there is ink in other nozzles.

4. Once the new high-precision photo machine nozzle is down, it is best not to remove it before replacing the nozzle.

5. Unless you want to replace the high-precision photo machine nozzle, do not open the nozzle protection clip, otherwise the nozzle may no longer be used.

6. Do not put your hand into the high-precision photo machine or touch nozzle when working with high-precision photo machine.

First check if you have used up one of the inks in the cartridge, and then consider the following reasons:

1. Remove the label according to the instructions. The air guide groove and air guide hole are still in the closed state, and the air cannot enter the nozzle. At this time, the label can be completely torn off.

2. Small bubbles remain in the nozzle hole, and the print head should be cleaned at this time to discharge small bubbles.

3. The water pipe enters the air or there is impurity in the print head. The solution is to start the printer automatic cleaning program to clean the print head one to several times. Or turn off the printer and stop using it for a few hours to see if the situation has improved. If the problem cannot be solved, it is recommended to send it for repair.

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4. The lines in which the printed graphics by digital printer appear are related to the print mode selected by the user. Print in ink-saving mode, the output is rough and has lines. Printing with 360DPI printing method, the output picture is relatively smooth, usually use 720DPI printing method for color picture printing, if you want better effect, you can use 1440DPI printing mode, the quality of the output graphic is related to its own resolution, the more the resolution High, the better the quality of the output graphics. This means that the graphic output is not only related to the high-precision photo machine nozzle, but also closely related to the graphics itself and the print settings.

5. There is a little white line. It may be that when the paper is printed for a long time and some paper with poor paper quality is used, there are paper dust particles on the surface of the paper surface, and the particles may stick to the print head, causing some ink outlet holes to be blocked. At this time, print cleaning should be carried out, and if there is no effect, it will be sent to the maintenance department for maintenance.