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Do You Know What the Application of Sticky Sublimation Paper is?

As we all know, there are 2 kinds of sublimation papers: quick dry sublimation paper andsticky sublimation paper. Do you know the sticky sublimation paper? When should we use the sticky paper? Today I will introduce this knowledge to you.

Generally speaking, during the heat transfer process, the layer of sublimation tranfer paper can control paper and substrates very well, so that they stick together firmly from beginning to end and will not be separated. In this case, ordinary sublimation paper(fast dry sublimation paper)can do this work well, even if the fabric is elastic,there is no need for sticky sublimation paper.

sticky sublimation paper

So sticky sublimation printing paper is only used in these situations:

1. When using flat-bad printer

2. The textile is stretch material, or it is easy to move

There maybe some customers who use sticky sublimation inkjet paper, were told by others that in the whole market, people are using sticky paper, or there is psychological function that sticky paper could do better job in high speed printing. Is it Really?

sticky sublimation paper

We suggest you using the sticky sublimation paper when you actually need this paper due to your material or other factors, but in our opinion, in most cases, quick dry paper is enough for daily use. Of course, you can make a small test with the sticky sublimation paper on the printing speed, a few test need only a little investment, but if the test is succeed, it will help you save more cost and help your company become more competitive in your market.

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