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Digital inkjet printer-how to reduce the loss of its ink head

In addition to eliminating the quality problems of the digital inkjet printer's ink head itself, the following references can help you reduce the loss of ink head:

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How to reduce the loss of the ink head of the photo machine:

1. Pay attention to operation and maintenance of large format digital printing machine. For Epson series print heads, the direct cause of damage is physical damage. That is, due to the warpage of the medium such as paper, the metal hole sheet at the bottom of the print head is scratched during the printing process, causing the print head nozzle hole to be damaged and unable to be sprayed normally. The cleaning box on the right side of the machine should be taken off frequently and cleaned with pure water to prevent the ink head from clogging due to too much ink accumulation. If there is too much ink on the bottom of the ink head of the printer, it will also block the printing nozzle hole. It should be removed and cleaned with warm water.

2. Guarantee the quality of the ink The ink contains a variety of chemical components, often due to factors such as poor filtration, high viscosity, and poor moisturizing liquid, causing the print head to malfunction.

3. Ensuring proper external voltage The external voltage is too high or unstable, which has a great influence on the print head, especially on the replacement print head, which may cause the machine to burn out the print head or not recognize the print head.

4. Ensure that there is no air in the pipeline, for Epson inkjet printing machines, the contact point between the pipe and the ink head is loose or the ink head leaks, causing the ink to flow back to the left ink supply bin, causing the ink head to burn. If bubbles are contained in the process of filling the ink, the general burning will cause a short circuit, thus causing the entire group of nozzles to fail. For brand printers, too much air is injected when the ink tank is filled instead of the ink. When the air bubbles cause insufficient ink supply in the ink head, the heating element will cool the heated wafer due to insufficient ink to burn it. , causing damage.

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5. Prevent static interference. Excessively dry working environment will directly generate a large amount of static electricity, which will directly damage the ink circuit. Or when using printing materials, especially when using plastic-based materials, such as PP, adhesive media, a large amount of static electricity is generated; damage to the ink head of the photo machine or the accumulation of impurities may cause damage to the ink head.