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Is the Dye Sublimation Printer Really Environmentally Friendly?

Many people who have just contacted the dye sublimation printer may have a question: printer’s supplier always said that the new generation digital inkjet printer is no longer like the traditional printer, they are more environmentally friendly, so is the digital printing machine really environmentally friendly?

dye sublimation printer

In order to let everyone better understand this point, I will give you a answer from my experience of printing for many years.

To understand whether a digital sublimation printer is environmentally friendly, we must first understand its working principle.

The traditional printing process requires a large amount of water, and the waste liquid, waste water and waste slurry generated have a great pollution to the environment, causing many troubles for people.

dye sublimation printer

In the process of printing,dye is not produced by the digital printing machine during the washing process, so there is no dye liquid slurry discharge and no pollutants appear. Compared with the traditional printing method, digital printing More environmentally friendly.

Therefore, many digitalsublimationprinting manufacturers have realized the safety and environmental protection of digital sublimation printer, and its application has become more and more extensive! The manufacturer can use it for mass production, or it can be customized in small quantities to meet the printing needs of the manufacturer.