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Digital printer-what causes different colors to mix together when it prints

When the digital printer prints, sometimes there will be mottling, that is, the printer will smudge the ink, and the different colors will be mixed together, which will affect the correct expression of the original color of the image. This will not only affect the printer's color printing effect, but also affect the work efficiency. What is the cause of this kind of failure, what are the factors that are likely to cause a series of ink failures for photo machines?

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1. Cleaning effect of the nozzle:

In the case that the nozzle is not broken, the ink may be due to the use of the cleaning liquid bubble nozzle. It is recommended that the foaming time be too long. In addition, if the machine is always in use, it is better to wash the nozzle underneath, and it is not necessary to soak the nozzle. Sometimes when the domestic photo machine is just turned on, there may be a phenomenon of ink smearing. At this time, it may be necessary to clean it several times to see if there is any motley. If there is, it is recommended that 100 yellow 100 red 100 blue color block, and then print test, hit a meter or so, generally can return to normal.

2. Impact of nozzle blade and ink stack:

For example, the aging of the wide format inkjet printer blade, the decrease of the ink absorption function of the ink stack, and the long use time of the ink stack cap can easily lead to the phenomenon of printing the ink in the photo machine. In this case, it is necessary to consider the replacement of the new parts. If the nozzle blade is dirty and there is a string of ink, it is recommended to clean it regularly, or adjust the position of the nozzle. The above factors will easily cause the printer to print the ink string failure. If the printer user's you encounter in the inkjet printing work, you may wish to check the above factors to solve and solve one by one.

3. The effect of the inkjet ink cartridge of the nozzle on the ink return:

The damage of the ink bag, the air leakage and the problem of ink return in the ink system of the domestic photo machine, due to the negative pressure of the air caused by the ink return of the pipe related to the ink system of the domestic photo machine, the domestic production caused by the reflow of other colors of ink The photo machine prints the ink.

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If there is variegation when printing on the digital printing machine, the above method can be used for maintenance.