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What Should We Do When Digital Sublimation Printer Printing Messy Words?

Many people using digital sublimation printer know that the most troublesome problem is to print out messy codes. There are many factors causing messy code failure. Now, let's take a look at what aspects should be concerned to deal with messy codes quickly and effectively.

Lack of words

If the user accidentally deletes the font library of the computer system that the printer is connected, it can also affect the normal output of the sublimation inkjet printer, resulting in scrambling code. In this case, you can open the "Control Panel", select the "Font" item, double-click the font icon, click the "File" menu in the open window, and click the "Install New Font" command from the pop-up menu.You can reinstall the font you need.

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Buffer overflow

Sometimes,the printing tasks we submit to the computer accumulate,If these tasks exceed a certain value, they will lead to the printer's slow response or error response, which may further lead to messy malfunction.

When you meet such problem, you can first try to cancel the printing job. If you can't solve them, you can restart the system and sublimation digital printer. If you still can't solve them, you need some complex operations. Click on the "Control Panel", select the "Service" in the "Management Tools", open the list of services, select the "Print Spooler" service in the list, and terminate this service. Then delete all files in the WINNT, System 32, SpoolPRINTERS folders of the installation disk, wait a moment, then restart the "Print Spooler" service, reprint, the problem can generally be solved.

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Virus haunt

On the premise of correct printing operation, if the messy code is printed suddenly, we should first doubt whether the local computer is infected with virus, because the attack of virus is often the root cause of sudden messy code. In this case, timely use the latest version of anti-virus software to give the system a thorough and comprehensive anti-virus operation, sometimes can quickly solve the problem.