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Print head-the problem judgment and processing steps after it is disconnected

There are many reasons why the print head is broken. When this happens, do you know how to solve it?

Print head

The reasons:

1. Physical damage due to collision and paper jam, folding, etc. 

In this case, only new nozzles can be replaced.

2. Because the machine is idle for a long time, the nozzle's residual ink is dry and the nozzle is clogged. 

In this case, it is necessary to soak the printer head with the nozzle cleaning liquid, which requires professional maintenance personnel to operate

3. Environmental factors.

The working environment requires a suitable temperature and humidity, the temperature is between 18-25 degrees, and the humidity is about 50. If the temperature is too high or too low, or the humidity is too low, the nozzle will be short-circuited. The specific reasons are not explained in detail.

4. Continuous printing.

After continuous printing, it is necessary to let the machine rest for 10 minutes and then continue printing. Otherwise, it is easy to break.

5. Inferior substitute ink. 

In order to reduce the cost of use, many of the peers use alternative inks, the fluency of the ink, and the particles in the ink may cause the nozzle to be broken. The ink with stable technology and stable performance should be used.

6. Replacement ink cartridges with unreasonable structure.

The original ink cartridge has a complicated structure, and the purpose is to ensure the continuous and stable output of the ink during use. The domestic substitute ink cartridge has cast a lot of structures, which is easy to cause the nozzle to be broken. A reasonable-use alternative ink cartridge should be used.

7. The ink stack and the nozzle scraper are dirty, and the residual ink is dry.

Ink pads, ink stacks, and wipers should be cleaned. Generally use clean, warm water with a soft cloth. It is best to use a special cleaning swab. The specific reasons are not explained in detail.

8. Dye paper or similar paper fibers are stuck to the nozzle to block the nozzle.

The surface should be cleaned and cleaned. Once it has been removed by professional maintenance personnel, it should be reinstalled after cleaning.

Print head

Problem judgment and processing steps after the nozzle is disconnected:

1. Open the front cover and find the corresponding ink line according to the color of the broken line displayed on the test strip of the printing head.Observe the ink line for air. If not, go to the second step. If yes, go to the third step.

2. Enter the maintenance menu for cleaning. Usually, it is washed by color. If there are more colors to be cleaned, use normal cleaning. Generally do not need strong cleaning. If the line is still broken after cleaning, proceed to step4.

3. Determine if the ink cartridge has ink and determine if the ink cartridge is normally inked. If so, add ink, repair or replace the ink cartridge. If there is no ink cartridge failure, enter engineer mode and select 3-4 cleaning according to the length of the incoming air line.

4. If the normal cleaning does not work, the ink stack and the blade may be dirty. The ink pad, ink stack and blade should be cleaned. Generally use a clean cloth with a soft cloth. It is best to use a special cleaning cotton swab. If you still can't solve the problem, it is recommended to have a professional to repair.

5. If the same color is often broken, it may be a problem with the ink bag. The ink bottle is replaced by a professional maintenance person.

6. If the old machine is more than 2 years old, the normal cleaning may not be effective due to the wear and tear of the ink apron and the scraper. It is recommended to enter the engineer mode for level 2 cleaning or replace the accessories.