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Large Format UV Printer-What are the Application Industries of It?

The common applications of large format UV printer is personalized customization and complex pictures customization, and the use of odorless and less volatile UV eco-friendly ink determines UV flatbed printer’s superiority. Compared with traditional inkjet printers, the picture is no longer dull but printed in a range of forms,the materials and pictures output by using pc can dry quickly after printing and we no longer want to produce film screen drying board, which radically saves time cost. Here are a few application industries that are extensively using UV printer:

large format UV printer

1.Advertising Industry

For wide format UV printer, signs, PV exhibition boards, KT/Chevrolet billboards, cards, metal signs etc are its common application in the market. Besides, the waiting room screen, shopping mall advertising signs and other color pictures are often printed by UV printer.

2.Digital Electrical Products Industry

UV digital printers are used in the digital electrical industry, such as mobile phone shell (PE, PC, TPU, PVC, ABS, steel film, etc.), mobile power supply, MP3/MP4, set-top box, mobile hard disk, electronic digital panel, U disk, mini-audio, mouse pad, notebook, refrigerator, air conditioner, air purifier, digital instrument, etc.

large format UV printer

3.Home Decoration and Building Materials Industry

UV printer is applied to the decoration of ceramic tile 3D relief solid background wall, art glass door and screen partition, furniture cabinet wardrobe panel, ceiling decoration, framed and frameless decorative paintings, shop window propaganda board, bamboo and wood fiberboard background, leather soft package and hard package, etc.