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How do I Run My Own Dye Sublimation Printing Business(2)

Sublimation transfer paper is used for dye sublimation printing and subsequently the transfer using the heat press to the substrate,which is necessary in the dye sublimation printing process. This is a specially treated paper that the CMYO dye is printed to. This paper is "married" to whatever substrate you're placing the image on and under heat and pressure, the dye turns to a gas and is sublimated to the polymeric-treated or polymer-based substrate.Finally, you will need to purchase your substrate from a reputable wholesale distributor or manufacturer. It is important to purchase high quality materials for your dye sublimation printing customers as what you sell to them is what they'll remember you by. If you're purchasing grand format polyester fabric for dye sublimation printing of flags, banners, or other fabric displays, it will be a good idea to purchase the smallest roll of material you can find to test the material.

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You may also find that some wholesalers or manufactures will be willing to send you a few yards of material to "play" with, especially if you pay the shipping. If you're purchasing offshore, it is a good idea to learn as much about how your substrate is manufactured as possible, such as certifications, materials, and processes involved in the manufacture of, say, ceramic mugs. Also note that the cheapest price is not always the best price. I often advocate that you get 25 quotes for a given item, then take the 3rd or 4th lowest bid, not the lowest.

The sublimation printing process consists of a dye sub ink that is commonly notated as a CMYO ink (cyan-magenta-yellow-overprint) as opposed to standard inkjet printing ink which is the standard CMYK (cyan-magenta-yellow-black). The dye is printed to a paper, commonly known as sublimation transfer paper or dye sublimation transfer paper, then transferred via heat and pressure to mugs, coasters, mouse pads, polyester fabrics that are used in clothing and advertising displays and banners, and many other items.
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Now,you have prepared what you should need,you can enter the key point - finding customers!You'll need to have something that the competition lacks. Maybe you want to be available 7 days a week (not me!) or offer free shipping (if you'll be a company that ships a lot like ours does). Maybe you can offer a discount to new clients. Who knows, but if you can get potential clients to engage in a conversation with you, you will have a better chance in getting their business than just sending out a mailer (although those can work if done well also).