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Photo printer-several wrong behaviors that cause its cartridge life become shorter

We all know that the role of the photo printer cartridge is to store ink, and it is also an indispensable component. There are two types of ink cartridges and split inks on the market. Although it is cheap, it also costs. Once it is broken, it will affect the normal print output of our work.

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Error behavior  1: Before the ink cartridge is installed and used, the outer packaging and the air hole seal of the ink cartridge are uncovered. 

In the process of using the user, the air hole seal should be removed according to the manual of the inkjet printing machine, but the other seals should not be removed, otherwise The ink in the cartridge can leak easily. After the ink cartridge is unpacked, it should be installed in time to better protect the ink in the ink cartridge. After the ink cartridge is unpacked, it is no longer in a closed state, and the ink will be exposed to the air, so if it is not installed in time, it may cause the ink cartridge to fail to come out. In order to better protect the ink cartridge and extend its life, the user should install it after the ink cartridge is unpacked.

Error behavior 2: The photo machine is often idle, but the nozzle is not sealed. 

Some users buy the machine but do not use it often, often because it is idle. In this case, if the nozzle of the ink cartridge is not sealed, it is easy to cause the ink on the nozzle to dry out, causing clogging. Users can buy cartridge closures on the market, and of course many users start making closures. The user must follow the guided process during the production process. Do not damage the ink cartridge during the process of sealing the nozzle. When the photo machine is idle, seal the nozzle.

Error behavior 3:Place the ink cartridge under sunlight or a strong light source. 

The ink cartridge is preferably stored in a cool place. The storage temperature before opening can be between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius. Below zero, the ink may freeze.

Error behavior 4: Place the cartridge in a dusty place

Some users do not pay attention to the placement of the ink cartridges, so the digital inkjet printer ink cartridges are placed in places with more dust. The dust on the surface of the ink cartridge is likely to be mixed into the ink during the installation of the ink cartridge, which affects the quality of the print and affects the life of the ink cartridge. Where the dust is too much, it is easy to affect the life of the ink cartridge.

Error behavior 5: Put the unopened ink cartridge upside down, this is a taboo for ink cartridge storage.

Some users don't pay much attention when placing the cartridge, put the cartridge upside down, and when it's needed, it's too late to find it.Therefore, even if the placement of the ink cartridge is also very particular, it should be the best and safest way to place it in the direction indicated. Follow the instructions to place the cartridge in the correct orientation to help extend its life.

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Error behavior 6: Drop the cartridge, whether it is sealed or opened, it should not drop the cartridge.

Error behavior 7: Open the cartridge protector

The cartridge protector can better protect the cartridge, users should pay special attention to the wide format digital printer's use, or when replacing the cartridge, do not open the cartridge's protective clip, which will prevent the cartridge from continuing to use.

Error behavior 8: When the photo machine is working, touch the cartridge

After the ink cartridge is installed, some users may have doubts about the quality of the ink cartridge, and the handle directly protrudes into the ink cartridge to check if there is a problem. But such behavior is dangerous because if it is not a professional, it is likely to damage the cartridge during this process.