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How to clean the jersey sublimation printing machine printhead with cleaning fluid

Cleaning the jersey sublimation printing machine's print head may be the operation of every photo machine user, but do you know the specific steps and methods? Below I will give you a detailed description of the detailed method of cleaning the photo machine nozzle with the cleaning solution.

Jersey sublimation printing machine

The specific steps are as follows:

1. Remove the dye sublimation transfer printer nozzle from the nozzle tray.

2. Pour a proper amount of special cleaning solution into a clean glass container (for example, a beaker), and then put it into the nozzle and then submerge the bottom of the nozzle by 2~3mm. Then seal the glass container with plastic wrap (anti-ash) and let it stand for more than 1 day. Note: Do not touch the cleaning fluid on the signal interface at the top of the nozzle, otherwise the nozzle will be damaged.

3. After the nozzle of inkjet sublimation printer is soaked, pour a proper amount of special cleaning solution into the photo machine nozzle cleaner, and then immerse the bottom of the nozzle in the cleaning solution for about 2~3mm. Then start the washer and select a dedicated nozzle cleaner. If you use a general ultrasonic cleaner, you must strictly control the time to prevent damage to the nozzle. Note: Do not use the cleaner continuously for more than three times.

4. Use a glass syringe to draw 40ml of special cleaning solution, and inject it from the ink supply tube interface at the top of the nozzle. Pay attention to the status of the water line ejected from the nozzle. If all the water lines are straight, it means the cleaning is effective and the nozzle can continue to use. (Premise: both the circuit and the piezoelectric crystal are intact). If there is still some waterline sneeze, you must do it 2~3 times according to steps 2 and 3.

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