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Sublimation Large Format Printer - Key Points for Installing Nozzle Yourself

I assume all of us knows that the price and function of the sublimation large format printer nozzle is very high, and the nozzle is also an essential component in the operation of the printer. Sometimes we do not understand what motives the nozzle to burn out, especially for the duration of the set up process. This is sadly a pity for unused nozzles. 

sublimation large format printer

Thus, how should we deal with the problem that the it is easy to damage the nozzle when installing it? Today, I will introduce you to the specific method:

First, the print head should be powered off before installation

If the sublimation printer is operated with the electricity on, it is convenient to rupture the nozzle. The electricity need to be reduce off first. After putting in the nozzle, gently push the car to move left and right to test whether it is smooth. If the controllability is strong, the nozzle is already set up and the electricity can be turned on. 

Second, do not install ink when the printer is powered on

When the wide format printer is already powered on, do not add ink, but check if there is any bad contact, otherwise the printer nozzle will burn out due to short circuit.

sublimation large format printer

Third, the printer nozzle surface should have protective measures

Do not expose the print head to the outside to avoid collision, damage and deformation, and affect the normal operation of the printer.

Most of the dye sublimation printer heads installed for the first time have air inside, so you must first print a picture to discharge the air and then perform normal printing.

The above is the formal process of installing the printer head, then have you learned?