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Calender heat press-four points to teach you to judge its quality

How to judge the quality of the calender heat press? Many customers can't believe the domestic products, they are afraid, the quality is not good, the performance is unstable. I will talk about it today.

Calender heat press

Judging the quality of the heat transfer machine includes the following points:

1. Environmental protection function

Nowadays, many printing and dyeing industries, because of the need to use water in the printing process, have a great pollution to the environment, and are conducive to long-term development, and the country is now promoting various industries, turning to environmentally friendly printing, and the roller printing machine has become the first choice for printing companies.

2. Color fastness

Color fastness of rotary heat transfer machine includes washing fastness, dry fastness, soaping fastness, etc. Color fastness is also an important measure to measure the effect of printing, (ie, does not fade), good color fastness is required in beautiful printing. The roller printing machine has a color fastness of 3-4 grades, which can be stored for a long time, and is not easy to be washed by water, and can be stored for a long time.

3. Roller core parts and materials

A good roller directly affects the printing effect of the finished product, and the roller printing machine has a very high precision on the surface of the roller. The surface of the drum is not flat, the thickness of the drum is inconsistent, which directly leads to the quality of the finished product. And a good manufacturer can make the ultimate in every detail of the product, the appearance is exquisite, the screw power accessories affect the performance of the whole machine.

Heat transfer machine

4. After-sale protection

For electronic products, there must be a special after-sales service to solve various problems encountered in the production process of the roll to roll heat press machine, as well as to solve mechanical problems in time to prevent mechanical failure and affect the production of the machine.