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Sublimation Digital Printer - How to Achieve Real Printing Color

When choosing a sublimation digital printer, the overall performance of the printer that users care is now not the same, such as the pursuit of greater printing accuracy, quicker printing speed, greater secure use performance and so on. Another critical thing is the color accuracy and richness of inkjet printing. So how do we reach the color performance well-known of inkjet printing?

sublimation digital printer

If we want the color printed by the sublimation inkjet printer to be close to the real effect we want to achieve, we need mainly care about the following two aspects:

1, inkjet printing equipment

Selecting a higher quality digital inkjet printer can more accurately represent the color, and more fully reflect the color gamut effect. Inkjet technology is widely used in today's digital printing industry because it can achieve the desired application in the printing industry and meet the industry's high requirements for color accuracy.

sublimation digital printer

2, ink

In order to ensure the accuracy of the color, in addition to the high-precision sublimation printer printing technology support, high-quality ink is also required. The choice of ink, and the color gamut correction of the sublimation printing device, the ink curve and the color scheme adjustment of the device have a certain relationship. The correct ink selection will make the output image of the printing device closer to the original picture, achieving better color reproduction. Rich color expression.

The above is the specific method of how to achieve the color accuracy of the printer printing, I hope it of help to everyone.