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Key Points for Self-Installing Large Format Sublimation Printer Nozzles

I suppose everyone is aware of that the cost of the giant structure large format sublimation printer nozzle is very high, and the nozzle is also an indispensable component in the operation of the printer. Sometimes we do not be aware of what motives the nozzle to burn out, mainly all through the installation process.

So, how have to we solve the problem that the operator is inclined to injury to the nozzle when installing it? Today, I will introduce you a specific method:

large format sublimation printer

First, the printer nozzle need to be powered off in the course of installation

If the sublimation printer is operated with the strength on, it is convenient to rupture the nozzle. The electricity have to be cut off first. After installing the nozzle, gently push the vehicle to pass left and right to test whether it is smooth. If the controllability is strong, the nozzle is already set up and the power can be turned on.

Second, do now not set up ink when the printer is powered on.

When the wide format printer is already powered on, do not add ink, and test if there is any terrible contact, in any other case the printer nozzle will burn out due to quick circuit.

large format sublimation printer

Third, the printer nozzle floor must have protecting measures.

Do not expose the print head to the outside to avoid collision, harm and deformation.

Fourth, in the end add ink

After the above steps are completed, the ink can be added. At this time, check one via one: ink amount, ink suction pump, cleansing sheet, and so on.
Most of the dye sublimation printer heads hooked up for the first time have air inside, so you need to first print a photograph to discharge the air and then function regular printing.