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Is the digital textile sublimation printing ink with fragrance more healthier?

Nowadays, many photo machine customers have the idea: Why do you smell the digital textile sublimation printing ink so badly smelling? Is it particularly affecting your health? Will we be poisoned? Why are the inks of other brands not smelling, and there is still a little fragrance, is their ink more environmentally friendly?

Digital textile sublimation printing ink

It is necessary to introduce the composition and principle of dye sublimation transfer ink: We all know that the principle of ink is that the organic pigment is evenly distributed in the organic solvent system. So, what is this organic solvent? Taking ink as an example: solvent-based inks use a series of solvents such as ketones and fats. From a chemical point of view, ketones and lipids are chemically synthesized and some ammonia is not purified, but it is absolutely cancer-free.

With the rapid rise of the advertising industry, especially the inkjet industry, more and more businesses are paying attention to the digital printing market. They are desperate to come in, not considering whether their technology is mature or not, and they are not aware of their own industry. The responsibility of the position in the position has caused the uneven quality of inkjet printing on the market. In particular, in order to pursue high profits, some merchants will not hesitate to apply the benzene series solvents that are banned in the world to the ink, which seriously damages the user's health and damages our ecological environment. However, with the increase in government environmental protection and the improvement of users' environmental awareness, it will be banned and eliminated. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the original ink of the manufacturer, the original ink produced by the large manufacturers, generally will minimize the harm of the ink to the user, and try to minimize the irritating odor of the ink.

In addition, as everyone knows, sublimation printer ink is a chemical. Most chemical products generally have some pungent odor, which is normal. But why do some inks smell so small and even have some scent? The size of the odor is related to the purity of the solvent. Low-odor or even odor-free green ink is the development trend.

Sublimation Ink
It can be said with a little bit that the more scented ink on the market, you must be careful when using it, and it will be good for your health. But you may have to say that there is smell, we really don't like it, it is unbearable, is there any solution? Yes, you can make an exhaust hood, which can greatly reduce the smell of ink in your room, and it is also conducive to the circulation of indoor air.