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How do I Run My Own Dye Sublimation Printing Business(1)

How to start your own dye sublimation printing company?If I want to start doing dye sublimation printing,what equippment do I need?This is a question my friend often asked me.First, decide what market you're going to enter. Will it be mouse pads? Check out the competition. What is the Asian market selling mouse pads for, landed, in your market. They'll be your primary competition for the larger orders. If you're focusing on the smaller market orders with higher margins, research your local competition. What are they getting for the product?

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If you decide to do business about sublimation  coffee mugs,you should figure out how how much the Asian market,particularly China,If it's ridiculously low, you may want to research the local market, and if you don't mind calling on a lot of customers, you can develop the local market that doesn't want to purchase a container load of mugs, but maybe a few dozen or a few hundred, and that may be a market you can compete in.
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Then,it is must for u to have a good dye sublimation printer.The type of printer is up to your target market.If you are printing mouse pads, you'll purchase a smaller unit. If you're printing seamless trade show displays, you'll be needing a wide or grand format printer.Of course, you'll also need a heat press that suits the variety of printing that you're going to be focusing on. These come in sizes from quite small for coffee mugs to very large for grand format fabric banner printing or dye sublimation printing on fabric for rolls of fabric to be used for clothing or the like.