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Some Tips of Dye Sublimation Printer Output Images When Printing

If you want to make your dye sublimation printer output a higher photo and make a higher advertising and marketing inkjet, the following sublimation printer output understanding will be of excellent assist to the majority of printer users.

epson dye sublimation printer

First, the picture resolution

When inkjeting, the image resolution of digital sublimation printer can no longer be too high, due to the fact the inkjet is usually outdoor, are long-distance viewing images.Because the region is large, if the decision is extra than a few hundred, then the image file will be very large, the laptop runs and the output is particularly slow, and even crashes, so the decision can be controlled around 30-45. For indoor printing, 72DPI is commonly required. If the file is not large, the resolution can be adjusted appropriately.

Second, the image mode

Inkjet requires the use of CMYK mode for digital printing machine, due to the fact the inkjet printer uses four-color inkjet, be careful now not to use RGB mode.

epson dye sublimation printer

Third, the image color

A single black price is strictly prohibited in the inkjet and printed images, C, M, Y colorations must be added to form a blended black. If it is big black, it can be made: C=50 M=50 Y=50 K=100. Especially when using the effect with PHOTOSHOP, pay interest to altering the black section to four-color black, in any other case there will be a black go on the screen, which will affect the average effect of sublimation inkjet printer printing.