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Why can't digital sublimation printer print and no response after turning on?

The digital sublimation printer suddenly did not print, and the boot did not respond at all. All the indicators were not bright, and there was enough depression. How to print pictures? I have collected some reasons for sharing and sharing it for your reference. According to the following steps:

Digital sublimation printer

Since there are many brands of printers, the causes are different. In this case, we should first check if the line is normal and then inspect the components for damage.

1. First check if the sublimation printing machine power cord and socket are damaged or plugged in.

2. If the above reasons have been ruled out, it is that the power board is broken, so unfortunately there is only one last reason. If the power board is broken, we can't fix it ourselves. It is recommended to contact the domestic photo machine manufacturer or agent to help solve it. Because there are still many components on the power board, it is difficult to determine which one is broken. If it is not good, it will damage more components.

3. Check the machine power switch for damage or malfunction.

4. Paper not detected: Check the print load item of the auxiliary function in the software menu to see if the paper can be detected. Re-paper, at this time the machine with the display will prompt the paper-related warning. At this time, the machine with the display will prompt the paper-related warning. When the domestic photo machine does not sense the paper, it will not continue the printing task. We need to check whether the paper is good or not, and if necessary, re-measure the paper.

Sublimation printer

5. Print port: We need to check if the IP address is consistent. Network printing requires a unified ip address. There are many USB ports commonly used in domestic photo machines. When changing the interface, you need to adjust the corresponding settings to use normally.

6. Computer system: Some people say why the dye sublimation transfer printer can print at the beginning? This can happen even when the computer system is incompatible, because incompatibility can cause the machine to be normal and not normal. It is recommended to reinstall the system or replace the computer.