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Roller sublimation heat press machine-what should be noted when operating it?

The roller sublimation heat press machine has high safety function, adopts frequency converter, stable speed and small floor space. These characteristics make it popular in the printing machinery industry, but the world is not perfect, the roller heat transfer machine is also like this. Some problems will occur during the process of use. Some of these problems are due to their own operational problems. Everyone wants to operate to avoid these problems. With experience, I will share with you what are the precautions when operating the roller printing machine?

Roller sublimation heat press machine

Details are as follows:

1. Provide the equipment debugging, parameter setting, fault diagnosis and operation and precautions of the calender heat press manual, remember to keep it safe. When operating the heat press machine, follow the instructions on the manual to avoid some problems, and the operation of the equipment is also convenient.

2. Before using the heat press machine for equipment debugging, you should read the instructions carefully to avoid the loss of equipment and even personal safety accidents due to misuse. The operation of the machine is different. Remember to follow the instructions on the manual. Do not follow the operation of other equipment.

3. It is necessary for the user to select the power supply wire and the device-specific leakage maintenance switch according to the rated power of the heat transfer machine. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to solidify the surface of the machine alone, otherwise it may form a serious personal injury accident. Secondly, it is necessary for the machine to be installed in a place with ventilation and light. The space around the machine must be no less than 1.5 meters, and the device should be straight horizontal.

4. The abnormal situation should be stopped immediately during work. The blanket should be removed from the drum and the fan should be used to assist in cooling and cooling to avoid damage to the blanket. It is necessary for the operator to strictly follow the prohibition symbol of each part of the machine.

Heat transfer machine

5. Since the roll to roll heat transfer machine is a thermal mechanical machine, during the application process, the shaft stick or the heating element and the large-sized bearing may emit some noise due to the thermal expansion, which is attributed to the normal phenomenon and does not need to be panicked.

6. The surface of the heating cylinder after special treatment shall not be scrubbed with corrosive liquids and hard objects entering the scratch.

7. Remember to replace the heating element, reducer, heat transfer oil, etc. of the roller printing machine. It is necessary to use the special model of the company, and it is not allowed to change or replace it privately.

8. The control circuit board and the inverter on the inside of the heat press machine chassis should be kept clean and should not be contaminated with metal conductive objects such as dust. The relay maintenance cover must not be turned over, beware of electric shock.