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What Are the Difference Between Water-Based Sublimation Ink and Oil-Based Ink?

Water-based sublimation ink is sort of water-based ink. The essential distinction between water-based ink and oil-based ink lies in the exclusive solvents, one is water as the solvent, the different is organic solvent as the solvent.The difference between the two kinds of ink is as follows: 

KIIAN water-based sublimation ink

1. Water-based ink is concocted by using water-based resin, which is soluble in water and can be diluted by water. The benefits of water-based ink are that it does no longer need organic solvents, reduces solvent volatilization, prevents air pollution, does not affect human health, and is no longer convenient to burn. It belongs to environmentally friendly ink. Oil-based ink and solvent-based ink, insoluble in water, can soluble in organic solvents, but these natural solvents will react with some materials in the air, inflicting pollution. 

2.Dye sublimation ink is steady and can make bright color. Cheap price, appropriate adhesion after printing, quick dry and strong water resistance. Oil-based ink is characterized by high ink viscosity, speedy dry, water resistance, softness and mild resistance. When used, the ink is extra inexpensive and the price is efficiently saved.

Epson water-based sublimation ink

3. Water-based dye ink is usually used in food, medicine, beverage and other industries, packaging printing industry is additionally widely used. Oil-based ink is broadly speaking used for metal, plastic, wood, aluminum foil, carton and constructing materials. 

4. Oil-based ink can be diluted by way of organic solvents and printed on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. It is now not effortless to fade after printing. Water-based ink can no longer be diluted with the aid of natural solvent.