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Essential Knowledge of Large Format Digital Printer Use and Maintenance

Any large format digital printer needs to be properly maintained in order to be used smoothly at work and print efficiently. Let's talk about specific measures:

1. Pay attention to the ambient temperature and humidity

Piezoelectric digital printers should pay attention to the influence of temperature and humidity in the environment, avoid excessively humid or dry environment, pay attention to the surface cleaning of the machine, and timely remove debris, shredded paper and residual ink on the machine surface.

Mimaki large format digital printer

2. Pay attention to the walking situation of the ink car

Note that the motor can't push the ink car when it is charged. Otherwise, it will easily cause various misalignment situations. If the car is too noisy while walking, check the wear condition of the slider and other problems.

2. Pay attention to the changes in parameter settings

The parameter settings of the large format printer contact computer system cannot be changed at will, especially the settings of the online IP address, the installation of the driver, and the addition of Monte Carlo printing.

Mimaki large format digital printer

4. Pay attention to prevent static electricity

Because during the wide format inkjet printer working process, the device is sensitive to static electricity. Therefore, the ground wire of the device should be processed under the guidance of the installer. The printing should pay attention to connecting the ground wire to prevent static electricity from causing unknown printing problems.

5. Pay attention to the feeding situation

If the canvas volume is relatively large or relatively heavy during the printout of the printer, it will affect the screen, and the horizontal stripes will appear on the screen, which will make the walking size of the canvas not standard. If this happens, Open the canvas to make the cloth even, and pay attention to the paper on both sides of the paper to ensure that the paper is not arched during the printout.