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The current status of textile calender machine industry and future development direction

Nowadays, it is an era of developed information, things are fast-changing, and the textile calender machine in the printing industry is naturally in the attention of people, and the change of the message will not be eliminated by the times. The product will be updated and improved, and the quality of the product will be improved. At present, there are still many aspects of the domestic printing machine that are not perfect. This problem is becoming more and more prominent. People are also very concerned about this. I will share it with you. The current status of the roller printing machine industry and its future development direction:

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1. The current status of the roller heat press machine is mainly divided into the following two points:

(1). The application of fully automatic roller printing machinery has just begun

Trough further understanding, we have mastered the production, sales and service of domestic sublimation heat transfer machines. At present, the application of fully automatic mechanical equipment in China's textile and garment printing industry has just begun. First of all, the automatic printing machines used by domestic printing enterprises are divided into two categories: imported machines and domestically produced machines. Imported machines are mainly based on European and American machines. The quality and design of the products are very advanced. After all, there are hundreds of years of development history. It is a very mature and stable product, but its price is relatively high and maintenance services are inconvenient, making it suitable for domestic printing enterprises. The cost is very high, so most printing companies in China are not easy to accept.

(2). The printing process and mechanical design of the roller printing machine are difficult

The domestic automatic printing machine is divided into two cases. One is that the packaging machinery factory, which mainly used to produce packaging machinery, is now developing a fully automatic roller printing machine. Another type of small screen printing machinery factory that used to produce manual platen and screen printing equipment has now begun to imitate the production of fully automatic roller printing machines. The former is more professional in mechanical design and processing, but not very proficient in the printing process. Although the latter is more familiar with the printing process, it is not professional for mechanical design and manufacturing, and its processing and production capacity are limited.

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2. The future development direction of roller printing machine

Today's roller rotary heat transfer machine, automation, intelligent is the future  direction of development. At present, Stork of Germany has also introduced two new roller printing machines Pegasus and RD8. Pegasus has open or closed bearings with a separate stepper motor for each print position to ensure high control, accuracy and reliability during operation. In the past two years, an oval automatic printing machine has appeared on the market. With its unique structural layout and wide adaptability, this printing machine is a powerful challenge to traditional circular printing machines.