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The t-shirt transfer paper common problems and precautions when using it(2)

These problems often occur when using t-shirt transfer paper. Why are these problems occurring? If you know the following about T-shirt transfer paper, you can use it better.

T-shirt transfer paper

5. The sun fades

This is the ultraviolet light in the sunlight that makes it fade, not related to the  transfer paper, only related to the ink. Inferior inks do not contain any anti-UV agent, they will fade soon, and the quality will last for a long time, but the long-term exposure to sunlight will speed up the fading.

The method of sublimation transfer printing:

(1). As mentioned above, the garment factory is also widely used, requiring the fabric to be pure cotton or high-cotton. The transfer paper ranges from US$10 to US$50, among which “Nanjing Feiyue Paper” is used more and the effect is better. The main problem with other transfer papers is that the fading is repeated many times, and the image becomes blurred after being left for a while, so you should not think that the printed effect is good, it is really good.

(2). Screen printing (multiple use of clothing factory, personality can not do, involving the cost of opening).

(3). Sublimation transfer printing(chemical fiber use, if it is a pure cotton material, it is better to use some fixing agent).

(4). Direct printing, currently available, but because the technology is not mature, the equipment is expensive, still in the experimental stage, some people in China use ordinary inkjet printers to modify, there are many problems, it is not recommended for commercial use.

(5). Laser transfer, the effect is very good, but only for pure cotton material, equipment supplies expensive, currently used very little. A device is nearly a hundred thousand dollars, and it covers a large area.

(6). Personalized finished pattern heat transfer (actually a kind of offset printing, which is printed in advance by the other side of the shore culture in advance, and appropriate hollowing treatment, some also add reflective technology, foaming, vegetable tannins, ordinary technology, etc. The application is very wide, and the insufficiency is that the personalized hot stamping of the picture cannot be realized, and can only be selected in the provided pattern).

T-shirt transfer paper

6. How to deal with the relationship between ink and transfer paper on cotton fabric

As a light-colored T-shirt transfer paper: it can be printed with ordinary ink, and the picture quality is high, but the excess part of the picture should be trimmed, and the quality of the paper must be good. After the transfer, the picture should be smooth and clean. After 24 hours, the cleaning does not fade, and the hand feels good. The sublimation ink will have more layers of solid color, and it needs to be reversed. The difference is that it is suitable for cotton, but the general ink is not sublimated. The ink transfer is good, and if the paper quality is not good, it is easy to fade. So how about dark T-shirt transfer paper? It can also be printed with ordinary ink, the picture quality is high, the picture does not need to be reversed, and it is suitable for various fabrics. It is similar to high-elastic heat transfer, but the rubber edge needs to be trimmed, which can be compared with high-elastic heat transfer. Its advantages are convenient without plate making, but the cost is high, and if the quality is not good, it is easy to fade, Smoke, blasting, not resistant to washing, not firm, hard and thick, and unable to transfer.