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What Can UV Digital Inkjet Printer Use to Print In Daily Life?

Everyone should know that UV digital inkjet printers have quickly captured most of the packaging and printing market in just a few years. Due to the convenient and fast use mode of UV printers, the powerful advantages of its basic functions have prompted more and more traditional industries change to UV printers. Today, I will talk to everyone about what the UV printer can print.

Mimak uv digital inkjet printer

First, leather products, footwear products

There are many UV printer printing patterns used in leather products, among which leather shoes are the most typical. A shoe with a 3d pattern can attract a lot of attention and promote consumer desire. Therefore, many manufacturers of shoes have grasped the demand of this market and gradually studied how to create something different. Shoes, creating a trend.

UV digital printers are easy to use, high printing precision, saving labor costs, etc., so that more and more shoe manufacturers have given up the traditional silk screen printing, and gradually changed to adopt UV printing technology.

Mimaki uv digital inkjet printer

Second, DIY personalized customization

DIY personalization is not specific to a material, it is an operating model, according to customer requirements to customize products for customers to make a profit. More common personalizations include personalization of mobile phone cases, personalized customization of gift boxes, and personalized customization of wine boxes. Customers can also print their favorite patterns on flat objects, and customize their own exclusive items, unique and personalized.

The industrial items involved in large format UV printers are far more than these. The products that can be seen in life can basically be printed. Whether it is company printing or individual want to start a business, choosing a UV printer is a good choice.