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The t-shirt transfer paper common problems and precautions when using it(1)

When we use T-shirt transfer paper, there are often some problems, do you know how to solve these problems? This article will tell you.

T-shirt transfer paper

1. The color is light

In the process of heat transfer, the color will be lost. First of all, you need to adjust the brightness, contrast and color in Photoshop to ensure that the transfer is what you want. In addition, the picture that has just been printed should not be printed immediately. It should be aired for 3-8 minutes (depending on the climate at that time), so that the ink penetrates into the paper for about 5 minutes. The light color may be that you spend a lot of time, you can reduce the time and increase the temperature to try. In addition, the transfer paper can only be used once, and should not be reused.

2. The pattern is not transferred

It may be that your pressure is not enough, the temperature is low or the time is too short. First, the pressure is adjusted larger, and the time and temperature are raised appropriately. Also, see if your print side is reversed.

3. Color loss

It may be that your ink is not the original ink, the transfer paper is not absorbed into it. In addition, there is also the printed clothes should not be washed immediately, it should be washed after 24 hours, and the clothes should be turned over and washed. At the same time, increasing the values of pressure, time and temperature will prevent color loss.

4. Washing faded

Washing fading has a lot to do with transfer paper and ink. Since dye ink is easily dissolved in water, it is worse than pigment ink that is not dissolved in water. In addition, the garment factory produces not dye ink.

At present, as a personality inkjet printing heat transfer, the principle of the heat transfer paper is to use the film to melt the ink inside at a high temperature and then melt it on the cloth. Reach the result of "transfer". Therefore, the adhesive layer of the poor transfer paper will gradually fall off after washing, resulting in fading. This type of thermal transfer method is the most common in the country, and almost 95% of them are this method. This method has special requirements for fabrics and must be high-cotton or pure cotton. Many problems arise because the customer can't figure out the content and cause the error.

T-shirt transfer paper
Knowing this principle, we know that this transfer is not a water transfer, nor a thermal transfer, it is called hot offset printing in the clothing printing industry. Although some people said that they have used tests to prove that water-based transfer paper exists, and the effect is very good. In fact, after understanding the basic principles of water transfer and the common sense of inkjet printer ink, you know whether this understanding is correct. Unless inks such as weak solvents or resins are printed directly onto clothing, regardless of the ink of any inkjet printer, whether it is pigment ink or dye ink, there will be some fading under water washing.