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Sublimation Printing Ink-What Should We Do if the Ink Gets On Clothes?

When we use sublimation printing ink for sublimation printing every day, if you accidentally put ink on your clothes, do you know how to clean it? In fact, the method of treatment is not difficult, there are many ways to get rid of stains, there are the following options:

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1. If the sublimation ink has just been applied to the clothes, or the clothes that have not been soiled for a long time can be dipped in hot milk or yogurt, and it is easier to remove.

2. Ink marks on general clothes you can use 1 part of oxalic acid and 10 parts of water to make a mixed solution, heat it, and scrub it with a cotton ball in a hot state. As soon as the ink spots disappeared, they were rinsed off with a little warm aqueous ammonia solution.

3. Ink marks on woolen garments can be removed with 10% citric acid solution.

4. Formula for digital sublimation ink stain remover

(1) It is possible to remove ink marks by mixing with a concentration of 96% alcohol, a concentration of 10% ammonia water and water at a ratio of 1:1:1. The ammonia water can change the color of the fabric, and the amount should be controlled when it is selected to avoid color change.

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(2) Any of sodium dithionite, bleaching powder or hydrogen peroxide can effectively remove ink marks on white garments.

(3) Ink marks on white garments can also be wetted with tap water first, then wetted with a slightly hot 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and a 10% oxalic acid mixture. After wetting, rinse with water.

(4) For blue and black ink marks on clothing, 1 part of citric acid, 10 parts of distilled water, concentrated borax. 2 parts of the solution, formulated as a remover. When preparing, first dissolve citric acid in distilled water, then add concentrated borax solution and mix well. Use a brush to draw the agent on the blue and black ink marks on the clothing, then use the absorbent paper to remove the excess solution. After the ink marks are removed, wash it with tap water.