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Note: These Factors Affect the Drying Speed of Sublimation Textile Printer

Sublimation textile printer's high-speed and efficient printing performance can quickly complete users' large-volume orders, while the picture quality is fine and the color is full, so more users are more and more inclined to printer equipment that can print at high speed. What are the factors that affect the rapid drying of printer printouts?

sublimation textile printer

1. The first thing that affects the printed image drying speed of the digital sublimation printer is the quality of the ink. It can also be said that the quality of the ink is directly related to the speed at which the print is dried. Therefore, if you want to achieve quick-drying, you must choose high-quality ink.

2. The heating system of the sublimation inkjet printer itself is also a factor that affects the speed of the picture.

The heating system of the printer itself helps the screen to dry, so when selecting the printer, you should choose the matching drying equipment, such as heating and drying platform, drying fan, etc., to ensure that the indoor temperature is replaced or the air is earlier. In this case, the picture can be quickly dried.

sublimation textile printer

3.The temperature and humidity of the printer's work room will also affect the drying time of the screen.

Above has already said that sublimation tranfer printer with a dryer can effectively increase the drying speed. At the same time, it is also important to maintain indoor air circulation and adjust the temperature with air conditioner.

When printing pictures in large quantities on a daily basis, the user has to re-provide a good working condition for the printer, so that the work efficiency can be achieved.