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Wide format uv printer-principle and application of its five-color printing effect

The wide format uv printer's 5-color printing effect can already meet the daily printing needs. The five colors are (C-cyan, M-red, Y-yellow, K-black, W-white), and other colors can be blended by color software. In view of high-quality printing or customization requirements, uv printer colors can be added with LC (light blue), LM (light red), LK (light black) LLK (light black) and spot colors (orange, purple, green).

Wide format uv printer

Usually, the standard for uv inkjet printing machines is 5 colors, but the number of corresponding nozzles is different. Some require one nozzle, some require 3 nozzles, and some require 5 nozzles. The reason is that the nozzle types are different, for example:

1. Epson printheas: 8 columns of channels, a column of channels can produce a color, then a nozzle can produce five colors, or six colors plus two white or eight colors.

2. Ricoh 5 printheas: one nozzle has two colors, then 5 colors require 3 nozzles.

What needs to be understood is that the more colors a single nozzle emits, the slower the printing speed is, and it is a civilian nozzle. One nozzle emit one color, most of which is an industrial nozzle, and the printing speed is fast.

The uv inkjet printer's 5-color printing effect can meet the following requirements:

1. Ordinary color printing, printing color patterns on transparent materials, black materials, dark materials.

2. 3d effect, print visual 3d effect pattern on the material surface.

3. Embossed effect, the surface pattern of the material is uneven, and the hand touches up to have a layered feeling.

UV printer

If the uv inkjet printer's 5-color printing effect is not satisfactory, how to upgrade?

1. On the hardware: add new nozzles, ink cartridges, ink paths, supercharged versions and other parts.

2. Software: Upgrade the original control software and color software.

In this way, the large format uv printer can achieve more color printing effects such as 7 colors, 8 colors, and 9 colors.