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Successfully Entered the Beauty Industry - UV Printer Technology Is So Powerful

The rapid development of UV printer technology has brought new changes to many traditional process industries. As consumer demand for personalization increases, so does the number of custom-made business orders. In the past, many consumer processes that traditional processes could not meet, but with the breakthrough and maturity of UV printing technology, it brought corresponding solutions. The lipstick tube printing industry is deeply influenced by UV printing technology.

Mimaki UCJV300 UV printer

Unlike traditional mass production, the material is provided by the customer, and the lipstick tube can be customized according to personal preference. Bringing the appearance of the lipstick tube to a strong viewing, enhancing the competitiveness of the product, while meeting the individual needs of the young group of consumers, so the lipstick tube printing is also hot.

UV printing technology brings a broad consumer market

UV printing technology and beauty, the reason why it can collide with such a wonderful spark, thanks to the excellent ability of UV flatbed printer, one can print, simplify the production process, that is, hit and take, can accurately restore the picture Color, through the digital inkjet method, print the picture onto the lipstick tube, and the color fastness is high, it is easier to open the high-end market.

Mimaki UCJV300-160 UV printer

When printing with a UV printer, what we need to pay attention to is:

1. Printing patterns on such small-volume products, it is recommended to use high-precision nozzles, the finer the pattern, the better

2.With the enhancement of environmental awareness, we must pay attention to environmental protection in the selection of ink

3.The lipstick tube has a square and a circular shape. It is best to choose a device that can print both the cylinder and the flat surface.