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Wide format inkjet printing machine - how to clean the dust inside it

The wide format inkjet printing machine has been in use for a year, and it has a lot of dust inside. But you are afraid that it will cause many malfunctions to the printer. If you want to erase dust. What should you pay attention to? Dust can cause many problems with printing, so to protect the printer, it is regularly dusted.

Wide format inkjet printing machine

First open the cover of the large format inkjet printer and use a clean, soft, damp cloth to remove dust, smudges, ink stains and shredded paper from the printer. If too much dust can cause the carriage guide shaft to be poorly lubricated, the movement of the print head will be blocked during the printing process. Use a cotton swab to remove dust and oil from the guide shaft and replenish the fluid with better fluidity, such as sewing machine oil.

Pay attention to these when dusting the inside of the inkjet printer:

1. To wipe the gear, do not wipe the area near the print head and the ink cartridge.

2. Under normal circumstances, do not move the print head. In particular, some printers have a mechanically locked printhead that cannot be moved by hand. If the printhead is forcibly moved, the mechanical part of the printer will be damaged.

3. Do not use any paper products to clean the inside of the digital inkjet printer to avoid paper debris remaining in the printer.

4. Do not use volatile liquids (such as thinner, gasoline, spray-type chemical cleaner) to clean the printer to avoid damaging the printer surface.

Inkjet printer

When cleaning the inside of the digital inkjet printer, be sure to pay attention to the above details. Don't think it's a trivial matter, it's very likely that your printer is malfunctioning because of your inattention, so be sure to pay attention. Of course, at this time, the usual maintenance is particularly important, so we must not only pay attention to the use of the printer, but also regularly clean the inside and outside of the printer. This way the printer can be used longer.