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Sublimation Inkjet Printer-What Should We Care If Want Print the Best Quality Image

Wanting your sublimation inkjet printer to print beautiful images requires not only the excellent performance of your printer, but also the conditions for optimal output. Below, we will discuss how to make your printer print the best quality image.

Epson sublimation inkjet printer

First, choose high-quality paper and ink supplies

If you want to cut corners on ink and paper supplies used in digital sublimation printers, you can't print an excellent picture. Today's printers and consumables manufacturers, they all recommend the use of ink and paper that they develop and sell. Is brand ink more expensive than regular ink? Yes. However, these manufacturers' original consumables will be more suitable for printers than ordinary cheap consumables, resulting in better printing results.

In my own experience, when I print pictures on high-quality paper, if I don't use the printer's brand ink and replace it with a normal compatible ink cartridge, the print quality is not ideal. And the biggest difference is that pictures printed with normal ink will fade over time.

Epson sublimation inkjet printer

Second, keep the printer on

Usually, you'd better keep your sublimation transfer printer turned on, even when you're not ready to print. why? Because the machine keeps its printhead clean when it is powered. Frequent switching of your printer can cause the printing system to become dirty, and you must waste ink while cleaning the print head.

Third, the printed documents should be clear

Do not touch the surface of the paper immediately after the large format sublimation printer has finished printing. Wait a little while, or put it in a ventilated place to accelerate it, before you can touch it straight or roll it up.