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The garment printing machine-brief operation of guide rail maintenance for it

Many users often consider the service life of the garment printing machine when consulting the information of the garment printing machine. Larger format inkjet printing equipment, in order to make it longer print life, is naturally inseparable from daily quality maintenance work. For example, the maintenance of piezoelectric nozzles, the maintenance of other common components, and the maintenance of the guide rails of garment printing  machines, which are mainly described in today's piezoelectric photo machine, are all negligible for the daily maintenance of garment printing photo machines.

The inkjet printing machine adopts advanced inkjet printing technology, high-quality precision materials and accessories. Every small detail of each gadget is summarized by the actual operation of engineers and users. Every detail requires perfect and stable. The maintenance details of the guide rail of the piezoelectric photo machine, the maintenance of the guide rail, is also an important work of the daily use of the printer. 

Garment Printing Machine

The maintenance operation of the guide rail of the digital printing machine is as follows:

1. Develop a good clothing printing machine maintenance habits, For example: wipe the rails every day after the machine is used. First wipe the dirt on the rails with a clean cloth or a non-depilatory paper towel, and then wipe the rails with a clean cloth or paper towel with a little sewing machine oil.

2. The photo machine to start the test, start the machine power, at this time the car will play back and forth several times, the dirt inside the rail slider will remain on the rail. Repeat the above operations several times, then wipe the dirt with a paper towel or a rag to keep the surface of the rail clean and the car moving smoothly and with small resistance.

Inkjet Printer

Rail maintenance is also an important task in daily use of digital textile printers. I believe that good photo machine maintenance habits can be developed. I believe that your photo machine will work with less effort and at the same time earn more for your advertising inkjet printouts.