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The sublimation inkjet printer printed picture is faint, what is the cause?

The picture printed by the sublimation inkjet printer is faint that make many users feel very annoyed. What is the cause of this phenomenon? How to solve it? In fact, in the process of using the inkjet printing machine for a long time, some people will encounter some large and small faults. In the face of these faults, the first thing to do is to find out the cause and then solve the problem in a targeted manner.

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Why is the picture printed by the inkjet printer faint? Usually, the sublimation printing machine is mainly caused by the following reasons:

1. The user uesd poor quality ink. In this case, even if the printed picture is not blurred it is difficult to print a perfect picture, so it is recommended to use the photo machine produced by the original manufacturer of ink.

2. The picture printed by the wide format sublimation printer caused by the nozzle clogging is blurred, and the nozzle needs to be cleaned at this time.

3. The working environment temperature change is also a common factor causing the digital printer to blur, so it is necessary to provide a suitable working environment for the inkjet printer to avoid the working environment temperature is too high or too low.

4. The viscosity of the ink has changed. The viscosity of the ink should be adjusted before the photo machine prints.

5. If the ink in the ink tube or the ink cartridge generates air bubbles, it is easy to cause the drawing to be abnormal, so pay attention to the observation and stop printing immediately if an abnormality is found.

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