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How to replace inkjet printer's motor under the premise without damaging it

Basically, each inkjet printer has two motors, a paper feed motor and a trolley motor. During the printing operation of the printing machine, the nozzle must move back and forth to complete the printing work, and the power of the nozzle to move back and forth quickly is the power brought by the motor, and the paper feeding motor is no exception. How to replace if the motor is damaged?

First of all, the wide format digital printing machine's motor has a long life and is not easily damaged. Therefore, we must first determine whether the motor is damaged before replacing the motor. For example, disassemble the boot cover and observe whether the motor rotates or not. Because the transmission belt is damaged and the gear is engaged, the problem of the trolley and the paper feed cannot occur.

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Determining the motor problem You can replace the motor according to the following steps:

1. Disconnect the power supply and use a screwdriver to open the photo cover.

2. Remove the motor cable. Before unplugging the cable, you must remember where it was originally connected. Otherwise, the wrong interface will have the risk of burning the motor and causing damage to the motherboard.

3. Take the drive belt off, the process should pay attention to, can not force too much and hurt the motor.

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4. Remove the old motor and install the new one.

The process of installing the digital inkjet printer motor must be noted, the whole process can be completed with a screwdriver. It is not possible to use a hammer or the like to strike, because the photo machine is a sophisticated device, and if it receives an impact, it may cause secondary damage to the printer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or leave a message below the post.