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Eco-Solvent Inkjet Printer-What Are the Factors that Affect the Final Printout?

The most significant difference between the excellent print performance of a eco-solvent inkjet printer is the printing accuracy. The outdoor printer printing medium is generally a light box, a PP backing, a printing cloth, etc., which requires high color saturation and good volume, which inevitably requires excellent printer precision to meet the requirements. Below we will introduce the relevant factors that will affect the final output of the printer.

Mimaki eco-solvent inkjet printer

1. Size

When use eco-solvent digital printer, the size of the high-production is the same as the size of the actual image. When printing, it is required to leave white around the image, which is usually 10cm. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the print size of the image with the printer merchant in advance so as not to affect the final effect. Pictures printed with outdoor printers can be designed in their original sizes.

2. Image mode

The printing device usually adopts the CMYK mode. Most four-color printers require that the color of the picture be adjusted to be close to the sample, according to the press standard. High-performance outdoor inkjet printer can be used in both CMYK mode and RGB mode, and is more suitable for high-definition image printing tasks.

Epson eco-solvent inkjet printer

3. Resolution

The pictures printed by outdoor banner printer are often very large, do not need to be so fine, the color is smooth and realistic from a distance, and the picture quality is rough in the near view, but this does not affect the overall effect.

4. Black part

The unique black value can't be provided in the printed image. It must be filled with C, M, Y colors to form a mixed black. If it is big black, it can be embedded: C = 50 M = 50 Y = 50 K = 100. Especially when using the effect with PHOTOSHOP, pay attention to changing the black part to four-color black, otherwise there will be a black cross on the screen, which will affect the overall effect.