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Large format printer-the resolution and mode requirements of its output image

In the advertising design industry, what are the requirements for the resolution and mode of the image output of the large format printer?

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The following two points, you can pay attention to the following in image design:

1. How appropriate is the resolution of inkjet and photo design?

The difference between photo printing and inkjet printing is often very large. The same is true for inkjet images. If the large screen still uses the resolution of printing, the computer will be exhausting.

However, there is no standard requirement for the spray pattern resolution filter. You can refer to the following data (resolution/square meter):

(1). The picture is above 180 square meters with a resolution of 11.25 dpi or less.
(2). The picture is in the range of 30-180 square meters, with a resolution of about 22.5 
(3). The picture is below 45 square meters, with a resolution of around 30dpi.

Note: Because the current inkjet printers use 11.25dpi, 22.5dpi, and 45dpi as the image resolution for rip software processing, using the appropriate resolution during design will speed up the image printing. The general situation requires 72dpi/inch. If the image is too large (such as when the new image in photoshop shows the actual size, the file size exceeds 400m), the resolution can be appropriately lowered, and the image is controlled within 400m during design.

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2. What is the image mode requirement for inkjet and photo design at design time?

The inkjet mode must use the cmky mode and the rgb mode is prohibited, wide format digital printing machines and photo printers are generally painted in cmyk, which is very different from the printing industry. Of course, in the design of the reference printing standards, advertising inkjet companies in the design, inkjet printing will generally adjust the color of the screen to meet customer requirements. The photo image can be designed using cmky mode or rgb mode. It is best to use the cmyk mode, but in the rgb mode, the red color value is m=100y=100 in the cmky mode.