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Dye Sublimation Printing For Event Designs

Recent years,dye sublimation printing is gradually known by more and more people,if you have not heard of dye sublimation printing process as an event coordinator,i think you are out of  fashion and market.The exsitence of dye sublimation make it possible for event planners to showcase their vibrant colors and designs.
dye sublimation printing for event

Dye sublimation printing is used for entire event spaces,take pillows as an example,it is often printed on texile fabrics.Dye sublimation create chances for custom graphic printing on various fabric choices.with the help of dye sublimation printing process,we can print more textiles,such as satin,poly poplin,flag and soft knits,etc,which makes each event special and enables us to enjoy event by these wide application of dye sublimation transfer printing with dye sublimation paper and dye sublimation ink.

subllimation transfer paper