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Outdoor Inkjet Printer-How to Avoid Color Mixed Faults in it?

The outdoor inkjet printer is a commonly used inkjet printing device for advertising inkjet printing. In the printer's printout work, if the printer has a variegated failure during the inkjet printing work, the fault will affect the original color of the printer's inkjet image, and will produce a large color difference, affecting the final output of the printed image.

Mimaki JV150-160 outdoor inkjet printer

Frequent color failures in outdoor banner printer printing are often caused by a mixture of printer inks. Printer ink miscellaneous faults simply means that the image will be motley when printed, and different colors will be mixed together, affecting the image. Ink mixing is also a printing failure that often occurs with printers.

There are several reasons for the color miscellaneous that can easily caused when advertising banner printer inkjet printing:

1. Printer ink capsule failure

If the ink bag is damaged or the ink tube is damaged, the ink supply system will enter the air, causing negative pressure, causing the ink to reflow, resulting in color mixing and mottling. It is recommended to replace the ink bag.

2. Ink stack, blade failure

Mimaki outdoor inkjet printer

If the eco-solvent printer nozzle wiper aging, the ink stack sucking function is not good, and the ink stack cap is used for a long time, it is easy to have mottled color. At this time, the wiper blade needs to be cleaned, and the nozzle scraper and the ink stack are replaced.

3. Ink system negative pressure effect

The ink mixed fault is often caused by the negative pressure of the ink supply system. We can check the ink supply system related pipelines, check valves, etc., whether the ink is reflowed or not.