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How Large Format Sublimation Printer Users Avoid Printer Main board Damage

For the vast majority of large format sublimation printers, the motherboard of the printer can be said to be the brain of the whole machine. If there is a problem with the motherboard of the printer, the whole machine will not work.

Moreover, the digital sublimation printer motherboard is equipped with some sophisticated electronic components and various sockets, which must be carefully protected. If you don't pay attention, there will be a small problem, which will cause the whole motherboard to be scrapped. Therefore, only the professional technology is required to replace the motherboard. People to solve.

Epson large format sublimation printer

However, many wide format sublimation printer users will say that the machine can't work, even if it is a technician, it will take several days. During this period, the printer is in a state of shutdown, which is undoubtedly causing losses to users. Therefore, we can try not to damage the motherboard without damage, and pay attention to the maintenance of the motherboard during daily printing. Today, let me analyze with you how to avoid damage to the printer motherboard.

First, you cannot plug and unplug the print cable, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the motherboard.

Epson large format sublimation printer

Second, pay attention to the sublimation inkjet printer is an indoor model, can not use oily ink, oily and easy to corrode the ink supply system and block the ink head. The original ink of the printer manufacturer is the best choice for the user, and the high quality compatible ink is also a good filling ink. However, it should be noted that if you need to change the brand of ink, remember to clean the ink cartridges and pipes, and do not use the mixed ink, which may cause the nozzle to clog.

Third, pay attention to the nozzle of the ink head. Do not wipe the ink. If there is ink, it can be wiped off with a cloth that is not depilated or a good quality paper towel. Otherwise, the ink hole may be blocked.